Taoist Funeral Package

3 Day Taoist Funeral Package At $7880 /Nett

5 Day Taoist Funeral Package At $8880 /Nett


Taoist funeral services for the dead often include an altar upon which are placed a sacred lamp, two candles, tea, rice, and water. The sacred lamp symbolizes the light of wisdom, yet it could also be referred to as the Golden Pill or Elixir of Immortality. On each side of the lamp are two tall candles that symbolize the light of the sun, moon, and both eyes of the human body

Our Taoist Funeral Package Include The Following Item:

  • One Half Glass Premium Wood Casket.

  • Collecting The Body Of Decease From Mortuary/Home.

  • Embalming & Dressing For The Deceased.

  • Sending The Deceased To The Place Of Wake After Embalming.

  • Photograph Enlargement. ( With 6 Passport size )

  • Floral Wreaths. ( 1 Flower Wreaths For Photo, 2 flowers bouquets on deceased altar )

  • Tentage Setup, 10 Round tables, 15 Square Tables & 100 Chairs. 

  • Ceiling Fans, Standing Fans, General Lighting & Wiring.

  • Taoist Funeral Backdrop & Setup. (Kwan Peng)

  • Priest Chanting on: ( 1 For Encoffining , 3 For Last Night Prayers & 1 For Funeral day ) 

  • 6Ft Paper House, Gold & Silver Mountains.

  • 45- Seater Bus On Funeral Day.

  • Glass Hearse On Funeral Day.

  • Cremation Fee At Mandai Crematorium.

  • Taoist Funeral Lanterns appropriate for respective dialects ( 1 pair )

  • Golden Boy / Jade Girl ( 1 set )

  • Ash collection Services.

Our Taoist Funeral Package Covers All The General Need For a Funeral Wake.

Our Taoist Funeral Package Have No Hidden Cost

Optional :

  •  Mobile Toilet ( $80.00/ Per Day )

  • Refrigerator. ( $40.00/ Per Day )

  • Catering. ( $12.00/ Per Pax )

  • Drinks & Consumables Like Peanuts, Melon Seeds Etc. ( Consignment Basis )

  • White T-Shirt & Pant are also Available for sales. 

3 Day Taoist Funeral Package At $7880 /Nett

5 Day Taoist Funeral Package At $8880 /Nett 


3 Day  All In Taoist Funeral Package At $13800/Nett

5 Day  All In Taoist Funeral Package At $14800/Nett

Why Choose An Fu Funeral Services ??

Each funeral is different, and every person unique. This belief is at the centre of what we do, and the way that we work. We take great pride in offering a professional, caring and sensitive service to you, when you are confronted with the death of someone you love. Our Guys have more then 10 years of  experience in handling Taoist Funeral in singapore .Our Taoist Funeral Package are transparent, so our consumer's know what they are actually paying for.

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