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Buddhist Funeral Package Singapore 
Our Buddhist Funeral Package Cover All Needs For A Funeral...

Christian Funeral Package Singapore 


Our Christian Funeral Package Cover All Needs For A Funeral...

Catholic Funeral Package Singapore 


Our Catholic Funeral Package Cover All Needs For A Funeral...

Taoist Funeral Package Singapore 


Our Taoist Funeral Package Cover All Needs For A Funeral...

For immediate assistance. Please give us a call. Our funeral service consultant are here to offer you all the help and support you need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our ethics and values


We are a compassionate, ethical and democratic business. Our approach extends outward, from our staff, to local communities, and the environment. Where we can extend a hand to help make thing better, we will. 

Our Mission, Is to make sure whether you are poor or rich.  Everyone Get a dignity send off.At An Fu Funeral Services We want to make our funeral package lowest in singapore. So that everyone of us is affordable for a nice & beautiful funeral. We practice transparent pricing, no GST, listing our funeral package incusive of price, so that you will feel at ease when you engage our funeral services. You will never be overcharged because what you see on our website and brochure is what you will be paying for.